Welcome to Glo's online health food store

Posted on 16/07/2013

Welcome to Good Living Organics (Glo) Newsletter/Blog section.

WOW it is the 1st of August already!! It is about time I got started on our blog and let you in on the fantastic products we carry.

I am still uploading products on this website- I have so many to do, sorry for the delay and thank you all so much for being so patient, please keep checking the website as new products will be put on all of the time. If you can not find a product you are looking for please send me a message or ring me at Glo 08 86826655, we might have just what your looking for but I just haven't got it on the website yet. Or if you have any new and fantastic ideas please let me know about them :)

In this blog you will find valuable information about how to gain a healthy lifestyle and Organic Living, I will have information about products we carry on the website and/or in store.

If you have any topic requests please feel free to send us an a message request, and we will do our best to cover the topic.

Thank you all who have checked out our new website, I am so happy with how it is going, a huge thank you to Momentum Design you have done an amazing job!!!

Enjoy the sunshine today

Shelley xo